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Press Release: Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever by Karen Hough

Kat Engh Posted by Kat Engh.

Kat used to work for Berrett Koehler as a Social Media Strategist & Communications Manager. Now she works in the fashion industry.

Press Release: Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever by Karen Hough

Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever:
Break the Rules, Make Mistakes, and Win Them Over

By Karen Hough

“Whether you’re in front of huge crowds or just presenting an update at a table, these tips and techniques are immediately usable.”

- Matthew Jauchius, Executive Vice President and CMO, Nationwide

According to Forbes, 90% of all people have anxiety about public speaking. Everyone’s heard tips like “Picture your audience in their underwear,” and “Practice in front of a mirror,” but Karen Hough has written Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever to help the 90% feel truly confident in presentations - by being our authentic selves. You can’t be authentic if you’re following rules that drain the life and personality out of your presentation, Hough says. It’s authenticity and passion that win people over, not polish.

In this book, Hough debunks over a dozen myths about presenting and shows readers how to get more comfortable in front of a crowd while giving fun, entertaining presentations that will keep audiences engaged. Hough’s approach will not only improve the quality of your presentations, but will also reduce the stress that comes with public speaking and presenting. Featuring stories of individuals who overcame their fears, Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever will help you take the anxiety out of public speaking and find joy in being a “bad” presenter.

Karen Hough is the award-winning Founder & CEO of ImprovEdge, a company that creates learning experiences, training, and consulting using improvisation to teach business skills. Ms. Hough has been a keynote speaker for events such as the PricewatershouseCoopers Metro Women's Initiative conference, the Legal Marketers Association National Conference, and the International Computer Negotiations US Conference, to name a few. She was formerly the International Spokesperson for Stratacom, and spokesperson for Tivoli and Infiniti, and her TV and radio credits include CBS, Miller, Earthshare, Eli Lilly and S.C. Johnson. She is a graduate of Yale University and La Sorbonne, Paris.

Sample Author Interview Questions:

1. What are some of the most common myths of public speaking and what makes them faulty?
2. What’s the relationship between body language and good speakers?
3. How might a presenter use common mistakes, like “awkward” silences, in a way to enhance their presentation?
4. How do we balance authenticity with professionalism when it comes to giving an engaging presentation?

Media:Book trailer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMskMcrr74w
Read Hough’s latest articles on Inc. Magazine’s website: http://www.inc.com/author/karen-hough
Read Hough’s Huffington Post blog: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/karen-hough/

Publication date: May 2014, $17.95, PB Original, 160 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, ISBN 978-1-62656-047-5