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A Guide to Giving Away Your Books

Kat Engh Posted by Kat Engh.

Kat used to work for Berrett Koehler as a Social Media Strategist & Communications Manager. Now she works in the fashion industry.

A Guide to Giving Away Your Books

Are you an author? Interested in learning how to best market your book, specifically via giving out finished copies? Here’s a quick and easy way to assess why you should be giving out books, and who to give them too.

First, go through your list of contacts and determine if sending a book to each person would result in one of the following three outcomes:
  • Sales
  • Publicity
  • Events.
Then, divide those categories into three more categories:
  • Definitely
  • Maybe
  • Outlook Unknown (this is regarding their likelihood of coming through with a desired result.)

Start with the "definitelys," and you will definitely send them a finished book.

Then go to the maybes, and if you have any books left after the definitely folks have been fulfilled, add your top maybes to the list of people who will get books.

For "outlook unknown," decide what's worth your time and effort. I'd suggest sending them an email, and then if they respond with a yes, either send them a book, or ask your publisher to send them a book for you.

This is a quick and easy starting point to using connections you’ve made to your advantage. Plus who doesn’t love free books?