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What Are The Major Mistakes You Did In Your Startups?

K Benjamin Posted by K Benjamin, Writer.

K Benjamin is a professional Writer and accountant. He loves to write about accountancy services.He works at Weaccountax.

What Are The Major Mistakes You Did In Your Startups?

Setting up a business is something that requires time and effort. Therefore, as an entrepreneur other than figuring out how to make your business grow, you should also know the things that can quickly make you close shop. Some of the mistakes will be specific to a particular field like finance or health care. However, others will cut across the board and can affect anybody, in any area. The most common mistakes made are highlighted below;

No business plan

Not having a business plan- you cannot just wake up drain your bank account and set up a business.  You need to have a concrete strategy. This will detail facts such as what products or services you will offer, where you will be based, and how much money you will require. Additionally, you need to have goals. These will be what motivates you every day to work harder.

No market research

Ignoring market research- many startups have failed because they got ignore market research. As an entrepreneur, you should first locate a niche in the market and identify your target market before you start looking for investors. Additionally, you need to study established businesses similar to yours. This way, you can see if their products or services are selling and at what rate.

Overreliance on self

Working on your own- it is a given you will feel like your business is your child and this might make it hard for you to trust someone else with its management. However, you should not take on all the work. If you do not learn how to delegate roles, you will end up fatigued, and your business will also suffer. Therefore, hire a couple of professionals to help you out.

Lack of professional input

Not hiring the right professionals.-Most individuals do not have deep pockets when starting their businesses. Therefore, hiring a team of experts might not be an option. However, this does not mean that your only option is to settle for quacks. You can hire experts on a part-time basis or even get them to work online. It is paramount that you have an accountant or bookkeeper who can advise you on the best payroll for small business in London and Leeds.


Not being careful with money- most first-time business owners at some point will either overspend or underspend. Not having enough money is going to cripple your business.  However, most people do not assume that having too much money can also be an issue. If you think you have a lot of money, you might expand too fast or invest in personnel who you cannot afford in the long run.


Being too rigid- when you come up with a business plan, you should be willing to stick to it. However, know in advance that every once in a while, you may need to compromise and make some changes. If you are too rigid, you will have a hard time adapting to changes in economic and technological trends. In the long run, this will make your business irrelevant and cause its untimely death.

Confidence matters

Having too much, or not enough, confidence in your skills and ideas- it is normal to have doubts about your business idea, but you should not let those doubts affect the way you manage the business.  On the other hand, some people have too much confidence in their venture.  This is dangerous because when you are overconfident, you will easily overlook significant flaws, which could cost you in the long run.


Jordan Collins

I'll take these points into account when I patent my startup. Very good and clearly all painted.

September 18, 2018