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Archive of BKpedia Days Materials

Johanna Vondeling Posted by Johanna Vondeling, VP for International Sales and Business Development , Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc.

Johanna Vondeling, Berrett-Koehler's Vice President for International Sales and Business Development, joined the company in 2004.  Previously, she served as BK's Vice President for Editorial and Digital.

Archive of BKpedia Days Materials

Dear BKpedia Days attendees,

Thank you so much for joining us at last week's BKpedia Days. We were delighted with the success of the event - clearly, we got the right people in the room!

Some people requested electronic copies of the handouts. Here are some links to the handouts:


The agenda.

BKpedia 2016-2017 Timeline

Edward Wade's Curator Orientation , BKpedia Production Workflow, BKpedia Production Calendar, and BKpedia Production Process.

David Marshall's PowerPoint and Services Integration slide

Latest BKpedia brochure (needs to be updated - just fyi for now)

Julie O'Mara's handout


Please feel free to add your own materials and communicate with others via comments on this blog post.


Best regards,



Steven Cady

Hi All - it was energizing to be with you all. I learned a "ton" and am looking forward to more great work and conversation. Steve

January 11, 2016

Johanna Vondeling
Johanna Vondeling

Glad to hear it, Steve! And we at BK learned a ton from you, too. Looking forward to next steps.

January 11, 2016