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5 Reasons to Become a Writer in Our Digital World

Jessica Freeman Posted by Jessica Freeman.

Jessica Freeman is a freelance writer at Australian Writings. She is interested in traveling and online learning. She enjoys writing on education, technology innovations, and blogging tendencies.

5 Reasons to Become a Writer in Our Digital World

Modern writers all know the power of the written word. In today's world, words mean much more than they used to before since the majority of barriers and limitations in expressing oneself are gone. At this point, people who possess special skills in choosing the best ways to string words together in an enticing order have hundreds of opportunities and chances just waiting around the corner.

Writing is a big business and the demand of talented writers is growing daily. Traditionally, writers could solely make an income from the sale of their books or if something they wrote was published in the newspaper. Nowadays, the development of the digital world has made it possible to tap the words on a keyword and earn a lot by simply using the must-have technology trends available to all writers.

So, what are your job opportunities as a modern writer in today's digital world?


The first and best-understood profession for writers is of course that of an author. You can be commissioned to write a novel or work on your own book before sending it out to publishing houses.


Copywriting is your career if you want to combine advertising, writing and of course, creativity. There are plenty of opportunities for this job since one can be employed by an ad agency or in-house.


Journalism is an old job, but it still requires impeccable researching and writing skills. A job of a writer here is not only to tell the story, but to find it first.

Grant Writer

Grant writers help individuals or organizations to prepare their documents with the goal of gaining funding or winning new business.


Would you like to help top-end business executives and politicians givecompelling speeches to others? It is rarely they who personally write their speeches, so if you are good at doing this, you may earn a great deal of money once you find good clients.


A killer script can make you an extremely successful screenwriter. You could work as a TV show writer or movie screenwriter.

Video Games Writer

This job is nothing similar to other writing professions and it is much more fun! It is a relatively new profession since it came alive with the advance in technology and invention of video games. As a video game writer, you need to find a way to tell a story that can actually be played.

Digital Content Writer

Blogging is yet another profession that appeared with the introduction to the digital world and is rapidly striving to become the most paid writing job worldwide. This is a combination of marketing, writing and journalism all in one.


Ghostwriters represent the invisible force behind those who have no writing background or talent in writing.

People write for many reasons, only one of them being the money. Of course, we all have to pay the bills every month, so money still remains the biggest boost for writing. Still, aside from wanting to live comfortably from our career as writers, there are many other reasons why you should opt for this profession.

Take a look at our list of five biggest reasons to become a writer in our digital world.

1.      Flexible Lifestyle

Many modern writers have started writing as a hobby but then decided to quit their daytime jobs and dedicate fully to this profession. Once you gain a certain level of reputation and are acquainted with the right clients, you are very likely to be drawn to the flexible lifestyle that comes with the career of a writer. Being a writer in today's digital world means that you can write from any place, at any time, as long as you are professional and organized.

Considering that writing can bring the same amount of income or more than that of regular jobs, enjoying the flexible lifestyle by controlling your own working hours is one of the biggest reasons to become a modern writer.

2.      Telling Stories

Unlike other professions that require doing the same thing over and over again, writing is actually something that never stops being interesting. After all, the job of a writer is to tell a story and who doesn't like stories?

The profession of a writer is a never-ending learning process. Given the chance to share some thoughts requires research of various topics that bring new information to the writer on a daily basis. Additionally, it gives them the opportunity to live in the story until the point where it is written to the last page, to then enjoy the satisfaction of allowing others to indulge in it.

For example, in order to be able to tell your story, you first need to consider the audience you are writing for. Therefore, if you want your story to be successfully told, you need to learn which style is best for that particular audience.

3.      Leaving a Legacy

Through writing, you have the chance to make a contribution for the generations that follow.

Being a person who enjoys the written word, you have surely admired many writers who left an amazing legacy through their writings. Leaving something behind is one of the biggest reasons why authors opt for the writing profession. Not only a good piece of content can bring an income to you and your children, but this can actually turn out to be something of a much bigger importance.

Writing is an incredible chance to leave your footprint through your manuscripts. Who knows, you may be the next author who wrote immortal pieces that people would read decades to come.

4.      Educating

Another important reason why you should start writing is to teach readers how to do something. You can always write a textbook or research paper that will advance the education on some level, but it is actually every piece of writing that has an educational contribution to the world.

If you are an expert in a particular field and enjoy focusing on it, you can write a textbook that students will use to become experts, too. There are numerous educational purposes of writing essays, textbooks and even guides. This not only can bring you a good income, but will also bring satisfaction as you have helped and taught others.

5.      Writing for the Love of Writing

Erica Jong has once said: “When I sit down at my writing desk, time seems to vanish. I think it’s a wonderful way to spend one’s life.''

Sometimes the best reason to choose writing is for the love of it. If you crave the written world and want to share your stories through writing, there is no bigger sense of accomplishment than doing what you enjoy.

The demand of writers in today's world is big and increasing. Therefore, it is time to pick the job that fits you most and start doing what you do best. The reasons to start writing are never-ending. It is up to you to make the choice on which will guide you on your way.