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12 Steps, One Step at A Time

Emily Wong Posted by Emily Wong, Digital Editorial Intern, Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

12 Steps, One Step at A Time

Twelve Steps to Fun

Start with Yourself

Inspire Fun in Others

Create an Environment That Encourages Fun

Celebrate the Benefits of Fun

Eliminate Boundaries and Obstacles That Inhibit Fun

Look for the Humor in Your Situation

Follow Your Intuition. Be Spontaneous

Don't Postpone Your Fun

Make Fun Inclusive

Smile and Laugh a Lot

Become Known as "Fun Loving"

Put Fun into Action

Over the last 12 weeks I've been excerpting step-by-step the 12 principles of making fun happen at work. I've also added contemporary musings too. This project was drawn from my very first book, 301 Ways to Have Fun At Work.

Fourteen years later, during my company's 25th year, I'm circling back to to the original idea, fun. Today, fun seems to be both something people can intentionally unleash in the workplace, and, a key symptom or sign of a workplace for which a positive culture is a crucial aspect of high performance and success.

Guess what? There are many more than 12 principles. Maybe you've come up with some of your own. I'd like to learn about these additional principles.

Next week, I'll begin recapping the keys to fun at work, one per week. These will be taken from Fun Works, Creating Places Where People Love to Work.

Have greats days--as always--and think about laboring too much over labor day weekend. Good time to smell the flowers again!
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