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Press Release: Mobilized

Elizabeth  McKellar Posted by Elizabeth McKellar, Production Assistant, Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Elizabeth McKellar is a Production Assistant at BK.

Press Release: Mobilized

We can no longer live without mobile
Industry expert SC Moatti reveals the formula businesses should use for mobile success

SAN FRANCISCO – A 2015 Pew study shows nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smart phone, and for many of those users, their phones serve as the main point of access to the online world. The majority of people use their devices for important life activities like looking up health information, banking, job and real estate searches. Mobile has become such an integral part of how we live that, for many people, losing a cell phone is like losing a limb. Everybody knows mobile is the future, and every business wants in, but what are the elements of mobile success?

SC Moatti, a Silicon Valley veteran former executive with Facebook, Trulia and Nokia, has created an all-encompassing formula that makes it easy for any business to develop a strategy for creating mobile products that count.

“Mobile products have become extensions of ourselves,’ says Moatti. “We expect from them what we wish for ourselves: an attractive body, a meaningful life and becoming smarter about the things that count,” says Moatti.

Moatti’s new book, mobilized: an insider’s guide to the business and future of connected technology (Berrett- Koehler Publishers; May 2, 2016) gives businesses and professionals simple ways to thrive in this modern day “gold rush.” More than a book on technology, it’s a book about us humans and what matters to us:

The body rule: Because of the small size of mobile products, nothing can be wasted. And the visceral feeling we get when we see a beautifully designed mobile product skips our consciousness. Mobile designers need to distill tasks and flows to their essence while building products that wow us.

The spirit rule: One of the most disruptive aspects of mobile products is that they are with us always. To be successful, they need to understand what matters to us and our communities. This comes through personalization and community.

The mind rule: Mobile products must also constantly adapt. Mobile companies understand that the more people use their product, the better it gets. They need to learn fast to adapt to changing expectations and conditions. It’s a culture change in most organizations.

A strategy manual rather than a technical treatise, mobilized includes case studies from such mobile pioneers as Facebook, Uber, Pandora, Tinder, WhatsApp and more. The market is full of how-to books for programming apps, but no works examine what is required for business success in the mobile era, until now.

SC Moatti is a mobile veteran from Silicon Valley and a recognized thought leader on mobile, innovation and leadership. While serving as an executive at mobile pioneers like Facebook, Trulia and Nokia, Moatti launched and monetized mobile products that are now used by billions of people and have received prestigious awards, including an International Digital Emmy Award nomination. Moatti currently runs Products That Count, an organization that helps businesses of all sizes become mobile. She also serves on the board of Opera Software, a publicly traded mobile giant with over one billion users. She is a lecturer at Stanford University, where she earned her MBA and has a Master of Science in electrical engineering. For more information, visit www.scmoatti.com.
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