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How online pharmacy can empower consumers

Among the intensifying technology models that have evolved within the last few years, is telemedicine that has empowered accessibility to the best possible doctors at the tap of a button. Another recent technology that has placed itself as a nice-looking model in the medical care space is online pharmacy.

Today, medical space is totally dominated by multiple intermediaries/ middlemen, a lot of whom take good thing about the actual fact that consumers don't possess the info at their removal. Consequently, they can be forced to check out blindly. The best consumer changes the overall game in www.canadadrugs.com, one of Canada's leading online pharmacy start-ups.


What is online pharmacy?

Broadly three types of online pharmacy are present on the market today. It's very necessary to know the difference between these three because often people misunderstand one with the other.

  1. Organized online pharmacy:

 A couple of two models are operating in this category. The first is marketplace model in which a technology company links neighborhood licensed pharmacies to the finish user. Other can be an inventory-based model where online pharmacy can be an online service of your offline licensed pharmacy.

"Every order that is received is pruned and checked out by the team of recorded pharmacists. Orders needing prescription drugs are examined for a valid prescription. Without a valid prescription, the medications aren't dispensed. The drugs are dispensed by documented pharmacists in a temper confirmation pack. With advanced technology aligned with the processes, they could well keep track of every single order. These steps can prevent self-medication and substance abuse, two major issues today. In addition, they provide important info (side-effect, safeguards etc.) about the drugs to the consumers.


  1. Non-organized e-pharmacy:

 In this particular model prescription drugs are ordered without the validated prescription. There is absolutely no check up on the genuineness of the order credited to lack of experienced pharmacists. Also, inappropriate record keeping no audit is a significant area of matter.




  1. Illegal international trade through online pharmacy:

With this model, drugs are delivered over the international borders without the prescription and authorization from the worried authorities. That is generally used to order cheaper version of drugs like Viagra.

These three models have been misinterpreted and used interchangeably. There are certainly insufficient clear-cut recommendations around online pharmacy which would help the general public to identify between an authentically prepared player and an illegitimate unorganized player. In the same way, the e-pharmacy theory has been specifically notified in lots of the most significant economies. Therefore, "it is merely important for India to own certain guidelines for online pharmacies.