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The Perfect Brand Ambassador

David McNally Posted by David McNally.

David and his team consults with companies to help them develop Purposeful Leaders, create Inspired Organizations, and build Iconic Brands.

We have all had experiences when the level of service received by an organization is exceptional.

We have all had experiences when the level of service received by an organization is exceptional. That service is always delivered by exceptional people – people who understand that empathy, understanding and the desire to be of service are the fundamental keys to creating and keeping clients or customers.

For the past 23 years I have had the privilege to have such a person on the TransForm team. It is rare when clients fail to mention how wonderful it is to interact with this person. The compliments are effusive in regards to her responsiveness, efficiency, attention to detail, follow up and can do attitude. If strong brands are created by consistently positive impressions, this person has played a significant role in building both the David McNally and TransForm brands.

But now she is leaving. In reality – retiring. Many of you know who I am talking about:

Jo Reinhart.

Jo grew up in New Ulm, Minnesota. Her German background instilled in Jo an incredible work ethic. She is conscientious to a fault with TransForm having been a primary beneficiary. Jo’s husband’s name is David and when we started working together my wife, Jo, was alive and so within a small business there were two David and Jo’s. As my wife worked part time, Jo Reinhart was actually her “boss” which, ironically, Jo McNally was quite happy about.

Being of similar ages we have watched each other raise our children and are now witnessing our children raise their children. We have shared anxieties, worries, triumphs, celebrations and grief. There have been times of stress and tension but these have been exceeded by lots of laughs and the belief that we are involved in important work. Jo has always said that TransForm has provided her life with a strong sense of purpose.

In so many ways we have been a good team in that we each brought different strengths to the relationship. Jo is the detailed, follow thru person and I am the creative, often too many ideas type. Jo has been infinitely patient with me over the years and I have learned to respect her need to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Most importantly, the trust level between us is of the highest level and trust is the foundation of all great relationships.

Jo has decided that a new adventure now awaits her. The one thing that is clear, however, is that she will continue to make a positive difference in the world. It is who she is. I am not saying goodbye to Jo because we are now friends who care about each other and our families. But I do want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for her dedication and commitment and for making such a positive contribution to my life.

PS: If you know Jo, reach out and wish her well by emailing: [email protected]