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Brand Moments

David McNally Posted by David McNally.

David and his team consults with companies to help them develop Purposeful Leaders, create Inspired Organizations, and build Iconic Brands.

Your Personal Brand is one of your most important assets.

Your Personal Brand is one of your most important assets. Your brand is the reflection of how others perceive you – Do you act professionally? Do you have high standards? Do you have clear values? Are you enjoyable to work with? Are you negotiable? Do you follow through on your commitments? Are you collaborative and cooperative? Are you win/win oriented?

A product or company builds a strong brand by consistently delivering value to its customers. An individual develops a strong personal brand by consistently delivering value to those with who he or she is in relationship – colleagues, customers, family and friends. Everyday life provides many opportunities to build our brands through simple acts. But each act creates an impression in the mind of another and our value to them is either strengthened or diminished.

Are we doing only what is asked or are we constantly adding value? Do we seek to judge or to understand? Do we help or hinder? Are we living in the past or planning the future? Do we see life as a struggle or an adventure? Are we invisible or invincible? Are we focused on the obstacle or the dream? Are we too cautious when we need to be courageous?

Brand Moments, the attitudes and behaviors you demonstrate daily, define and communicate your brand. Your commitment to having a strong personal brand will undoubtedly be tested over and over again. It is much easier to hide out than to shine out. But the payoff for your commitment is enormous.

When you have a strong brand you attract allies. The people to whom your brand matters will be drawn to it. They will support it. They will fight for it. And you will win!

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