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The Freebie Free-For-All

Charlotte Ashlock Posted by Charlotte Ashlock, Executive Editor, Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc.

Charlotte Ashlock is a crazy idealist trying to make the world a better place! 

Resources for Writers Learning on the Computer Literature and Language Pixar’s tips for creating ....

Resources for Writers Learning on the Computer Literature and Language

Pixar’s tips for creating an awesome story

A great tool to convert video, music, and image formats.

An entire library of free audiobooks!

5 random techniques to spice up your writing

Tips to use Dropbox more efficiently

Twenty common grammar mistakes (and how to avoid them).

Which famous author do you write like?

Need a reverse image search?

Don’t spell these words incorrectly…and how to remember.

102 resources for fiction writing to get the juices flowing

Google tips and tricks you need to know

Find a rhyme to that tricky word

Your free handbook of rhetorical devices

Stink at design and diagramming? Just drag and drop here.

College writing classes-for free.

Want to design your own book layout? Check out these Microsoft book templates.

Ten writing tips from David Ogilvy.

Sixty search engines for serious writers.

Prompts to get your creativity going.

Just for Fun Save Time and Money Tools for Social Media

Want to make your life easier? Read this list of life hacks.

Wish you had coupons for every online purchase? Now you do.

Tips for beginning and advanced Twitter users.

Watch an amazing live stream of tweets across the globe

Email follow-up reminders to yourself for future delivery.

Improve your Gmail experience! Read these tips.

Punctuation that we seriously need in our society.

Free tutorials on any subject.

Tips on beginner’s marketing

Check out this effective personality test.

How to win any argument on Facebook

Make nonsense poems, madlibs, text art, and tons of other word games.

Bet you never knew about these punctuation marks.

What’s your mental age?

How to get people to leave you alone

Got a secret? Send a message that will self-destruct after being read.

What does your room say about you?