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Five Reasons Why I’m Leaving Berrett-Koehler

Charlotte Ashlock Posted by Charlotte Ashlock, Executive Editor, Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc.

Charlotte Ashlock is a crazy idealist trying to make the world a better place! 

Five Reasons Why I’m Leaving Berrett-Koehler

1.  I have made myself redundant.  Much as my ego would like me to believe I am indispensable, the fact remains: the projects I have led with passion at BK, can all move on without me.   In every case, I am able to pass on the torch to a person who really impresses me. 

  • Diversity? The project of researching how Berrett-Koehler can improve the diversity of its author mix, will be capably led by Shabnam and Matt, dynamos of energy and idealism. 
  • Digital content marketing? The project of upgrading Berrett-Koehler’s content marketing capacity is left to my genius colleague Zoe. Be prepared for exciting things to happen during the next six months: one-of-a-kind free resources and email courses are on their way!
  • Radical self-love book?  The life-changing book I’ve signed, by the leader of the www.thebodyisnotanapology.com movement, will be left in Jeevan’s caring and capable hands.  (By life-changing, I mean the book’s ideas are already changing my life!) 

2.  I found a one-of-a-kind tech startup. It’s almost impossible to live in the Bay Area and not get excited about tech.  However, I was wary of widespread reports that tech culture is unfriendly to women. So when I noticed a job opening at Babylist, an Oakland tech startup founded by a Canadian woman, I took notice.  Their product (a universal online registry for baby showers) has the effect of connecting new parents more tightly into their communities of support—  so I feel there’s a “mission match.”  I interviewed there with three women who seemed to me to be the perfect blend of caring, driven, smart, ambitious, and kind.  I can’t wait to start there on June 27th: my job will be to produce written and multimedia content for expecting parents. We will be building a brand voice that is inclusive, supportive and helpful.  So if you know any expecting parents, send them our way!  

3.  I’ve got to bring home extra bacon. I’m a twenty-eight year old newlywed, and I plan on trying for a baby when I’m thirty.  My husband and I are very excited about having a marriage that reverses gender roles: a marriage where he is a caregiver and I am a breadwinner.  Although Berrett-Koehler has always been more than generous with me— the fact remains that for a family breadwinner, the tech industry has more sum potential.  Fun related fact: the publishing industry is largely staffed by women, (although less so at executive levels).  We have to do something about the fact that female-dominated industries tend to be undervalued and underpaid by society, eh? 

4.  A new job is the next logical step in my world domination plan.  Of course, I’m mostly joking on this one.  But I’ve learned from Berrett-Koehler books (especially The Vanishing American Corporation) that the economy is permanently messed up in a way that is unlikely to be solved without some SERIOUS creative thinking.  And I’ve learned from Berrett-Koehler books like The Business Solution to Poverty and How The Poor Can Save Capitalism that the business world—  for all its failings—  has vast potential to creatively solve problems.  My latest read, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus (sadly not a Berrett-Koehler book, although I wish it was) has convinced me that the tech sector has the greatest potential to reinvent the world of business and thus solve the inequality of our society.  All this contributed to the conclusion that learning directly from tech entrepreneurs is the most important thing I can be doing with my life right now.  (And ten years from now, I hope you will buy stock in Charlotte Industries, Inc.)  Haha. 

5. Psych!  I'll still be around in some ways...  I will be doing a little bit of part time work for BK!  My hope is that by doing a little content production for BK and full-time content production for Babylist, I’ll learn things from each job that applies to the other job in a magical way.

Besides, there’s one commonality between business books and baby products you never considered: both are nurturing the next generation of leaders!   


Kathy Scheiern
Kathy Scheiern

Hey Charlotte!

I was always glad to see you at BK meetings and on my Twitter feed! I hope you will continue to post your insights and sharings. I would miss your voice otherwise. Good luck with your new endeavors. And as far as world domination goes, I would vote for you! :)

Kathy Scheiern

June 23, 2016

Eileen McDargh

So, my funny friend, I believe your capability and one-of-a-koind-laugh will always be missed.  Can't wait to see your name on the baby list as a Mom-to-be.  Good luck to youo. So grateful you will also stay with www.trueleadercreed.com

June 24, 2016

Betsy Polk

Charlotte, first books, then babies, then worldwide domination! I can;t wait to hear of the wonders to come for you in your next adventures. Sounds like you'l have the joy of bridging some powerful partnerships!

July 6, 2016