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Press Release: Why Wait to Be Great? by Terry Hawkins

Berrett-Koehler Staff Posted by Berrett-Koehler Staff.

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Press Release: Why Wait to Be Great? by Terry Hawkins

Why Wait to Be Great? It’s Either Now or Too Late

by Terry Hawkins

San Francisco, CA -- We all have things we want to change about ourselves: lose a few pounds, quit smoking, get fit, repair our relationships, improve our finances, and so on. But all too often the end goal seems too far away from where we are, so we get on the “try and fail” roundabout. Why? Because change is hard, even painful. We instinctively avoid pain. And our old ways of behaving are so ingrained, so wired in, that we drift back to them without even realizing it.

In this inspiring new how-to book, WHY WAIT TO BE GREAT (Berrett-Koehler, June 2013), Terry Hawkins provides a simple, straightforward way to understand what it is that keeps us stuck and a simple process for breaking old patterns and substituting new ones so we can move forward

Hawkins takes profound philosophical and neuropsychological concepts and renders them in a universally appealing and accessible way. She introduces us to two characters who symbolize two ways of being. We can be Pitman, trapped in the Pit of Misery, chained to our past, a helpless victim of circumstance. Or we can be the superhero Stickman-powerful, courageous, loved, and successful. Why Wait to Be Great? explains in plain, simple, and often humorous language precisely what feelings, thoughts, and behaviors send us to the pit. And it offers an action plan for getting out-concrete steps we can take that will actually make us perceive and react to the world in a more positive way.

Hawkins certainly isn’t promising anyone a trouble-free life-as she shares here, she herself had to rise above abuse, poverty, and serious health issues to become the successful entrepreneur and mother she is today. In fact, she wants to help people “do pain well”-to use difficulties and setbacks as a source of growth, not a reason to give up. This wonderfully human and honest book will help you create the life you want once and for all.

Author Bio

Terry Hawkins (http://www.terryhawkins.com/) is CEO of the multi-national enterprise training organization People In Progress Global, and as a seasoned business educator, Terry Hawkins delivers keynote presentations that address organizational dynamics and the work world. She has spoken to such organizations as Best Western, Century 21, Easter Seals, Snap On Tools, Mercedes Benz Financial, and Yum Restaurants International. Primarily a change and accountability expert, Terry works with people to elevate their position in every sphere of business and life including sales, management, leadership, team effectiveness, communication and performance. Originally from Australia, Terry now resides in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Why Wait to be Great? It’s Either Now or Too Late
By Terry Hawkins
June 2013
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Paperback, $19.95; 240 pages