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Press Release | Dianna Booher

Berrett-Koehler Staff Posted by Berrett-Koehler Staff.

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Press Release | Dianna Booher

Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader

“…the gold-standard in communications coaching” - Jane Binger, Executive Director of LCPH Leadership Development and Education at Stanford University

San Francisco, CA - We all know presence when we encounter it. Someone walks into a room and heads turn. When those with presence speak, people listen. When they ask, people answer. When they lead, people follow. They always look confident and comfortable, speak persuasively, think clearly even under pressure, and act with intention and integrity. They monitor situations and relationships, adapt, and accept responsibility for themselves and results.

But personal presence is not something everyone is born with; these skills and habits can be developed. In Creating Personal Presence (Berrett-Koehler; October 2011; $15.95; ISBN 978-1-60994-011-9), award winning speaker and consultant Dianna Booher demystifies the observations that affect other people's perceptions of someone’s potential, breaking down “personal presence” into four specific areas:

  • How You Look: Your body language, movement, dress, reaction to surroundings
  • How You Talk: The words you choose, physical qualities of your voice, how you use your voice
  • How You Think and Communicate: How you organize ideas and information, what you decide to pass on or withhold
  • How you Act: The attitude, values, and competence your actions reveal

In Creating Personal Presence, Booher gives readers specific tips on how to build a strong personal presence. They’ll learn to:

  • Use their voice and language to demonstrate competence and leadership potential
  • Convey confidence and command of a situation through appropriate body language, movement, dress, and manners that enhance impact and build credibility
  • Communicate clear and persuasive messages that engage others
  • Develop strategic thinking and the ability to organize ideas coherently and express them succinctly
  • Open up to others in a way that conveys an attitude of respect, integrity, and humility

In this comprehensive coverage of self-assessment and skill development, Booher offers the reader a pragmatic and achievable leadership coaching experience. With careful guidance on developing confidence, competence, and character, Creating Personal Presence is an invitation to both discover and express the unique leader within us all.

About the Author

Dianna Booher is CEO of Booher Consultants, a communications training firm. Her clients include nine of the ten largest corporations in America and 140 of the Fortune 500. She has won several awards including the Star Quality Award from IBM, a Vendor of the Year Award from Frito-Lay, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from ASTD Dallas. She has also been inducted into the National Speakers Association’s Hall of Fame. She has also been featured by Successful Meeting magazine on its list of “21 Top Speakers for the 21st Century” and named one of the “Top 100 Thought Leaders in America” in 2007 and 2008 by Executive Excellence. Dianna is also the author of 45 books, which have collectively sold almost 4 million copies.