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Top 7 Tweetable Moments from the BK Authors Marketing Workshop

Anita Simha Posted by Anita Simha, Digital Editorial Intern.

Anita is a student at UNC Chapel Hill interested in ecology and climate change. She is excited about coming to work every day -- you might even say she...books it here.

Top 7 Tweetable Moments from the BK Authors Marketing Workshop

Check out these nuggets of wisdom from the BK Authors Co-op marketing workshop!

On July 15th and 16th, Berrett-Koehler authors, staff, partners, and friends gathered to learn about best practices in book marketing. Participants discussed everything from reasons to write a book to strategies for building a platform to ways to speak and blog effectively. All the while, they recorded the best moments on Twitter using #bkmktg15. Here are some highlights:

1. When things were just getting started but our curious community already had questions

2. When Betsy Fasbinder taught us how to engage an audience while speaking

(My other favorite tip was to not maintain eye contact when you pause to take a sip of water)

3. When authors learned that a thriving community begins with each other

4. When we got some tough love about self-promotion and credibility in the blogosphere

5. When we learned about how the book market is changing

6. When we recognized the importance of authenticity throughout the entire book marketing process

7. When this happened: